Sofar ME 3000SP Solar Battery

Sofar ME 3000SP Solar Battery

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Sofar ME 3000SP Solar Battery

Are you looking for a replacement or additional solar battery for your PV installation?

Here we have the Sofar ME3000SP AC coupled Solar Battery inverter with built in monitoring. 

This AC coupled solar battery storage system from Sofar solar offers tremendous value for money. You can use the Soafar ME3000SP for an existing or new PV array, even an array with dual tracker inverters, microinverters or power optimisers.

Monitoring is built in as standard and can be viewed via their android app.

One of the most useful features of this battery storage is that it can be charged from the grid. Most customers with Economy 7 or other similar cheap rate tariff can take advantage of this cheaper electricity and store electricity overnight for use in the morning, before the PV begins to generate power.

If you need more storage you can connect up to a maximum of 8 pylon batteries.

Please note this item does NOT include batteries. See our Pylontech solar battery range.


The Sofar ME3000SP Solar Battery Inverter


  • Battery capacity: 9.6kWh
  • Maximum output: 3kVA
  • Max discharge current: 60A
  • Connection phase: Single
  • Max charge efficiency: 94.1%
  • Max discharge efficiency: 94.3%
  • EPS rated power: 3000VA
  • Dimensions: 532 x 360 x 173 mm
  • Weight: 16kg


5 Year Warranty

5 year warranty
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