Solis Mini 700 4G Solar Inverter

Solis Mini 700 4G Solar Inverter

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Solis Mini 700 4G Solar Inverter

Are you looking for a replacement inverter for your PV installation?

Here we have the Solis Mini 700 4G Solar Inverter, ideal to install on a 1.5kW solar panel system. 

The latest 4G range from Solis offers the same great package as before with an increased efficiency. With an ultra-low startup voltage of just 60V, these are ideal for three panel jobs, or even for two high voltage 96 cell panels such as the Panasonic 330W.

A wide MPPT input range of 50-500V and IP65 rating allow for great levels of flexibility when designing an array, and a lightweight and compact housing follows this up with a quick and easy installation.

This version includes a built-in DC switch for a quick, easy installation. 


The Solis Mini 700 4G Solar Inverter


  • DC Switch included
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.2%
  • IP65
  • Compact design
  • Startup Voltage: 60V
  • Max DC Voltage: 600V
  • Max input current: 11A
  • Dimensions: 373 x 310 x 160 mm
  • Weight: 7.4kg


5 Year Warranty

5 year warranty
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