Solax X1 Hybrid 4.5kWh 3.0T Triple Power Battery

Solax X1 Hybrid 4.5kWh 3.0T Triple Power Battery

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Solax X1 Hybrid 4.5kWh Triple Power Battery

Are you looking for a replacement or additional solar battery for your PV installation?

Here we have the Solax X1 Hybrid Triple Power Battery. 

Solax have created the ground breaking X Hybrid range, a 3kw inverter that can also store surplus energy in batteries for later use. It is important to understand that this is a hybrid solar PV inverter and battery storage controller. This means it needs to be sized just like a regular inverter would be and, if it is being retrofitted, will replace the existing inverter.

With the inverter you get the Triple Power 4.5kWh battery storage pack. For larger sizes please check our other X Hybrid products.


The Solax X1 Hybrid Triple Power Solar Battery

Kit Contains

  • 3kW HV hybrid PV and battery inverter
  • One 4.5kWh Triple Power HV battery
  • Triple Power BMS
  • Eastron/Chint meter
  • All necessary cables


5 Year Warranty

5 year warranty
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